More than just reservoir refurbishments

Over the last few months one of the most common phrases heard from our clients has been 'I didn't realise you did that!'  Whilst refurbishment of reservoirs are one of our many specialisms and an extremely important part of our business, we also offer so much more. Our full range of services are detailed within our website but briefly, over the last 12 months we have successfully delivered projects as diverse as sample tap replacement programmes, pipework alterations, culvert repairs, impounding reservoir spillway rehabilitation and access staircase programmes to reservoir embankments  For a more comprehensive presentation of what Stonbury offer, we are currently delivering a series of 'Lunch and Learn' seminars to our clients. The interaction and discussion that these events generate, allows our clients to consider the efficient delivery of any others works to a refurbishment. Whilst our teams are already onsite, the utilisation of our complete range of services offers time and costs saved, where previously multiple contractors would be employed over an extended period of time. This also allows for any disruption to the public during the works, to be kept to a minimum. If anyone is interested in having a Lunch and Learn please do not hesitate to contact us.  Jon Featherstone - Delivery Director

A Stonbury Milestone - Our first new build reservoir

As the Reservoir Refurbishment Framework Contractor for South Staffordshire Water, we acquired the opportunity to tender for the design and build of a 10Mg potable water storage point at SSW’s Outwoods site, on the outskirts of Burton on Trent The site had earlier planning permission in 2014 for a new build reservoir on the footprint of Reservoir No 1, which had passed its life and was beyond economic repair, however the demolition and construction project of this tank was postponed due to other operational priorities within the South Staffordshire network. The option of the construction of an alternative Reservoir was considered and chosen to ensure the continued supply of potable water to the local area. The tender process involved a high level of optioneering of all possible solutions, including temporary tanks, steel tanks, GRP tanks and the preferred, a hybrid solution for a reinforced concrete structure, which included pre-cast concrete columns and roof structure. This was offered as the most cost effective solution regarding whole life costs and design life, delivered to a very challenging programme. Stonbury were delighted to be awarded the contract and have subsequently completed the detailed design stage which developed the outline design, submitted at tender stage. After a very quick mobilisation on site, we have made a very impressive start to the scheme with the excavation and preparation for the floor slab completed in a matter of weeks. Our Delivery Director responsible for South Staffordshire Water, Jonathan Perryman, comments “to meet such a challenging return to service date of the beginning of July 2017, it was critical to build on the already strong relationship held between Stonbury and South Staffordshire Water. It is wonderful to see the Outwoods delivery team growing from strength to strength on what seems a daily basis and all with the same common goal at the heart of the team. This will enable, I have no doubt, the successful delivery of South Staffordshire’s ultimate business needs of supplying continued wholesome drinking water to their clients – the public.” Due to the residential nature of the site location, South Staffordshire Water have undertaken letter drops and meetings with local businesses and schools to keep them informed. The project delivery team have also set up a Community Portal system, this allows members of the public to follow the scheme and to communicate directly with the delivery team, asking any questions they may have. The Community Portal address is for those that are interested in following this exciting and challenging project. Key Facts 10MG Storage Requirement Return to Service date of cell is early July 2017 and including all site works and overall programme of 28 weeks Over 350 tonnes of reinforcement in construction Over 2000 tonnes of concrete in construction Over 15000 tonnes of spoil removal in construction, 100% of which will remain on site and reinstated over the new reservoir once completed and set to grass

Stonbury sponsors Scottish Water 'A Night at the Movies'

We were delighted to be silver sponsors at the Scottish Water WaterAid Ball 'A Night at the Movies' hosted from the Hilton, Glasgow The event overall raised a whooping £100,000 for WaterAid, which will support over 6500 people with access to clean and safe water.  We had a brilliant evening and would like to thank Scottish Water and the WaterAid Committee for organising a fantastic event.   

South Staffs WaterAid Suits and Sparkles Ball

We were pleased to sponsor the South Staffs WaterAid Suits and Sparkles Ball at the Hilton St Georges Park Overall donations reached a brilliant £44,000 for WaterAid, significantly over achieving last years fundraising of £25,000. Donations will support part of a three year project in Central Madagascar, providing over 35,000 people with save water and over 8,800 people with improved sanitation and hygiene. 

Cheltenham's Hidden Gem - Hewlett's Reservoir

Earlier this month we filmed with the BBC and in collaboration with Severn Trent Water a feature on Cheltenham's hidden reservoir site, Hewlett's History The Hewlett’s Reservoir site in Cheltenham is home to a collection of historical reservoirs, establishing from the early 1800s. Hewlett's No.1 Reservoir was constructed in 1824 as an open reservoir, initially collecting spring water from the surrounding hills. In 1839 No.2 reservoir was constructed and later in 1847, No.3 Reservoir. The final No.4 Reservoir was constructed some years later, completing the Hewlett’s Reservoir Site. In 1966 the reservoirs were installed with concrete columns and roofs, modernising these Victorian reservoirs to the more typical underground reservoirs of today. Now water is intake from the River Severn and pumped from the local WTW. Although not all the reservoirs remain in service, Hewlett’s still holds 15million gallons (48 Meg), supplying approximately half of Cheltenham with clean water.   Watch the Hewlett's BBC feature:  

Our Yellow Team 'Stand Down Day'

Earlier this month, the Stonbury Yellow Team (serving Northumbrian Water and Scotland regions) held a full ‘Stand Down Day’ for all management and site operatives Introducing ‘Making Safety our Priority’ A main purpose of the day was to introduce Stonbury’s new ‘Making Safety our Priority’ strategy, delivered by Ryan Brown, QSE Manager. The initiative launches in 2017 and will be a critical part of Stonbury’s project delivery going into the future, and so forth vital for all our team members to understand the continued importance of safe and responsible working at all times. This message was well received and promoted healthy discussion around the room. Other topics covered on the day focused on quality, site records and site operation in general. NWG Customer Expectations and Branding Initiative We were also pleased to welcome Northumbrian Water, who presented an interactive workshop explaining their new Customer Expectations policy and how Stonbury are a key part of this. Under the new NWG branding initiative, the Northumbrian Water logo will now be prominently displayed on our vans and PPE in the NWL regions, therefore on and between sites, Stonbury will now be recoginsed as NWG representatives. The message was clearly explained and had benefit of being explained directly by the client, this now allows our team members to understand the importance of appropriate representation whether this be from driving behaviour to helpfulness to the public. Stonbury have also welcomed the Zero Harm (6 pillars) forum from NWL and the inclusion of NWG’s values and vision. Taking a proactive and collaborative approach to Health, Safety, Environment and Quality, a similar approach is now being used to achieve the highest standards of such throughout the company. Question Box Throughout the day, regular Q&A sessions were encouraged, which allowed individuals to anonymously ask questions via our question box. All questions were addressed and answered, promoting positive discussion throughout the day. The content of the questions highlighted that the Stonbury ethos has been embraced by the Yellow Team, only strengthened by the request for more team bonding days! Overall it was an extremely enjoyable and most importantly, worthwhile day and one that will be repeated during the year. The loss and expense of a standard days’ operation has been more than made up for by the quality time made available to discuss relevant topics across the full spectrum of the yellow team members.