Changes to Client Portal

We are delighted to announce the launch of new and exciting features to the Stonbury Client Portal.

The Client Portal is our online, user-friendly tool that allows project information and progress to be easily shared between contractor and client. Since launching in 2005, the Portal was developed to serve as an additional service to our clients, to assist with the management of refurbishment schemes that we had been contracted to undertake for them. From its humble beginnings, the Portal has now developed into a system that brings multiple benefits to its users.

Our cloud based software is easily accessed from any web-enabled device, allowing users to check the progress of the job without having to make unnecessary calls or visits to site. Since its launch, the Client Portal has demonstrated a sustainable impact on reducing paperwork, lengthy email chains and of course, time and travel costs. Clients are updated on their projects through a diary style, real-time update made by our teams on site.

New Client Portal Features

We are pleased to now have launched some exciting new features to Client Portal. Clients can now produce their own posts within a project, this includes uploading photographs, video and documents utilising our Client Portal as a complete working ‘Project Folder’.

In more recent years, Client Portal has been developed to not only document the progress of projects, but also to store information on the assets and projects. Any associated documentation such as inspection reports, quotations and drawings can be uploaded and stored with the project, ensuring crucial aspects of the projects are never lost. The Client Portal now provides a permanent record of the project, which can be downloaded and used as a report upon completion.

These new features will undoubtedly aid in the development of Client Portal and its full potential to be used as an online project system, for both ourselves and our clients.

If you are a new client and wish to sign up to our Client Portal, please do get in touch. Alternatively, for a simple step-by-step tour on how to use the Portal effectively, please log-in with your user details and click ‘View a Tour of Portal’ along the top of the page.