Success in Collaborative Working

When it comes to the refurbishment of potable water drinking assets, it is essential for all materials to be in accordance and approved by the DWI Regulation 31. As the amount of available materials under this criterion becomes increasingly scarce, collaboration with material manufacturers has never been more vital.

Stonbury has been working together with BASF, DWI approved material manufacturers for several years. After a previous material supplier had changed their formulation and affected product performance, BASF was brought in to critically evaluate the repair criteria and materials used. Working collaboratively with BASF, we were successful in tackling several key issues, including the quicker return to service of assets from 21 days, down to only 10 days.

Since then, Stonbury and BASF have addressed several other industry issues surrounding the safe supply of drinking water. Darren Priddle, BASF’s Technical Sales Manager for the water industry and waterproofing comments: “The key issue for water companies is that they can’t afford for assets to be out of service for very long – it costs tens of thousands of pounds a week to re-pump and resource for other locations. Working with Stonbury, we’ve been able to significantly reduce the amount of time that facilities are out of action, using high-performance, cost-effective, DWI-approved materials.

Proven waterproofing and sealant technologies help us to deliver long-lasting repairs that provide excellent resistance to harsh conditions and chemicals. Working with BASF’s chemical experts, we can ensure that we use the right system, requiring the least amount of time, at the best lifecycle cost. Working with 15 out of the UK’s 21 clean water companies, we’re looking forward to continuing a relationship that delivers real benefits to our clients."

Collaborative working with the supply chain has demonstrated essential in our development as a supplier and contributor to the water industry. As a result, we have overcome several hurdles through newer and more innovative solutions, passed back to our clients as we continue the process of collaborative working with the UK water companies.