We deliver robust, timely engineering maintenance that help existing assets perform better and last longer, thus avoiding carbon-heavy asset interventions. We provide inspection and maintenance programmes for a broad range of built and natural assets.

We have the expertise to provide structural and river engineering maintenance services to existing asset structures and water bodies such as inspections, cleaning, bank erosion stabilisation, revetment works and mechanical servicing of in or out-of-river structures.

Clean and Chlorination

Vegetation management

Stonbury carries out routine and preventative maintenance to a variety of water bodies and environmental assets across the UK, with each scheme programmed to minimise environmental impact.

Bank Re-profiling

Stonbury carried out the re-profiling and strengthening of 30 linear meters of bank, which had become unstable due to tidal water.

Impounding Reservoir & Spillway Refurbishment

Stonbury have recently completed an interesting project in a very sensitive and remote location.

Baffle Wall Replacement

Due to the presence of Chrysolite Asbestos inside a drinking water contact tank, Stonbury were contracted to remove a contaminated baffle wall and it’s supporting steel structure. The wall was to be replaced with a new thermoplastic baffle curtain.

Bridge & Spillway Refurbishment

The bridge came up in a section10 inspection, which was deemed to require attention. It was decided that a new protective paint system would be applied to the whole structure.

Service Reservoir Asbestos Removal

Stonbury were contracted by a framework client to return to a service reservoir that was initially taken out of service several years ago, after an inspection highlighted asbestos fibre contamination, due to a delaminating asbestos cement inlet main.

Mountain Stream Intakes

Stonbury have recently completed modifications and improvements to 2 stream catchment intakes in the Welsh Mountains, to ensure maximum collection of water feeding the water treatment works.

Invertebrate Surveys

Stonbury completed two invertebrate surveys on the River Avon to sample above and below discharge points, using a Yorkshire Pattern airlift pump.

Aqueduct Conduit Bridges Waterproofing

Stonbury Ltd carried out an innovative internal waterproofing system to a total of eleven conduit bridges bringing pre-chlorinated water from Lake Thirlmere to Bolton for distribution to the Manchester area.

Impounding Reservoir

This section of sandstone masonry was reported to have ‘significant’ leaks with water passing down and under the sandstone masonry and exiting down stream at the next section.

Diesel Tanks & Bunds

Stonbury Limited, specialist contractors to the water and power industries are currently carrying out a programme of works to improve and extend the life of diesel tanks and bunds to a number of water treatment works.

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