We deliver robust, timely engineering maintenance that helps existing assets perform better and last longer, avoiding environmentally harmful and costly asset interventions.

Our programmes provide inspection and maintenance on a broad variety of built and natural assets within the water, wastewater, environment and energy sectors. From service reservoir cleaning to invasive species control, our specialist teams are equipped to enhance the protection and functionality of the built and natural world.

  • Condition Survey & Inspection
  • Laser Scan Structural Condition Survey
  • Asset Data Capture
  • Asset Cleaning
  • Asset Chlorination & Dechlorination
  • Tank Leak Prevention
  • Flood Embankment Survey
  • Channel & Trash Screen Clearance
  • Hydrometric Station Maintenance
  • Weed Control & Invasive Species Removal
  • River Survey
  • Tree Felling & Planting
  • Grass Cutting
  • Fish Rescue