Stonbury are specialist contractors to the water industry, operating from 10 regional offices. Currently holding 5 and 10-year framework contracts with 15 of the UK's leading water companies.

These contracts are for the repair, refurbishment and maintenance of service reservoirs, water towers and associated structures. Stonbury also carry out similar works for all of the other UK water companies and their civil engineering partners.

With over 30 years of extensive practical knowledge, we combine repair, maintenance and civil engineering expertise to seamlessly deliver totex-efficient solutions for refurbishment and new build schemes within the water industry.

Works include, but are not limited to: full refurbishment services of concrete & steel assets within both clean and waste water sectors. Investigation & testing, cleaning & chlorination, waterproofing, corrosion protection, re-lining, M&E, fabrication/installation and many more.

Our scope of services also include a full civil engineering capability for both refurbishment and new build projects.

Stonbury are committed to carrying out all services to the highest standards of quality and integrity to offer total customer satisfaction. Embracing all current Health & Safety standards and legislation with a special regard to environmental issues. Fully certificated as a supplier on UVDB Verify, with a fully integrated Company Management System compliant to internationally recognised ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 14001 Environmental Management & OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems.

Our comprehensive range of services can be applied to:

  • Service Reservoirs
  • Impounding Reservoirs
  • Water Towers
  • Aqueducts & Dams
  • Lagoons
  • Spillways 
  • Mountain Intakes
  • Pipe & Foot Bridges
  • Pipework
  • Water Treatment Works
  • Water Storage Tanks
  • Filter Beds
  • Settlement Tanks
  • Surge Vessels
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Chemical Storage Tanks
  • Cooling Towers
  • Culverts
  • Bunds
  • Sewage Treatment Works
  • Sewage Scraper Bridges
  • Effluent Works
  • Digesters
  • Sludge Holding Tanks
  • Shafts & Tunnels
  • Water Courses
  • Flood Defences

Quality, Environment & Safety


Stonbury is an ISO 9001 quality approved company that strives for continual improvement in our services and systems that we provide to our customers. The value and the need for a quality service is fully understood and communicated throughout the company with Stonbury offering a full quality contractual service where all customer requirements are considered to ensure delivery of the highest levels of expertise, technical knowledge and standards of workmanship, with the principles of value for money.


Stonbury are certified to the internationally recognised Environmental Standard ISO 14001. Directors, managers and employees are committed to managing the environmental aspects of operations / projects carried out and are obligated to protect the environment in which the company operates. Where Stonbury can influence and encourage customers, suppliers, contractors and sub contractors to improve their environmental performance they will through leading by example. Stonbury is committed to undertaking waste reduction, reuse and recycling activities wherever practicable and improve the efficiency of energy use within the organisation.

Health & Safety

Stonbury are fully registered as a supplier on UVDB Verify, have OHSAS 18001 Health & Safety Management. Directors, management and employees recognise the obligation to enforce appropriate measures to control and monitor Health & Safety procedures, as a vital part of running an efficient and successful company. This obligation is reflected in the following commitment to ensuring legal compliance to Health & Safety regulations, the prevention of injury to Stonbury's workforce, the training provision of its staff and the communication of the Health & Safety Policy throughout all levels of the company. Our experienced staff as a minimum hold the EU Water Hygiene and CSCS Health & Safety card and are fully trained in Confined Space Working along with other relevant disciplines to the industry.

Sustainability Why Stonbury’s Achievements Endure

What speaks strongly for Stonbury’s commitment to sustainability is not only its certificated ISO14001 Environmental Management System, its 100% Environment score in UVDB Verify evaluation, or its 96% Environment rating in the CIPS Sustainability Index.

Instead, it’s the fact that we treat sustainability as the very first phase in the project process, calculating carbon impacts at the planning stage, and enabling clients to make decisions based on their own environmental strategies.

Transparent about the environment

We score every single one of our projects against critical environmental considerations, including;

  • Waste minimisation – We recycle extensively, and at every opportunity.
  • Energy efficiency – We own our equipment, so we look after it, keeping its energy efficiency high and pollution levels low.
  • Preservation, conservation, biodiversity – We balance engineering decisions with environmental impact, opting for smaller works over time if necessary.
  • Respect for local people and environment - 100% scores in industry Environment and CSR evaluations show that people and their surroundings - not just engineering reality - inform everything we do.

Our trust in our own environmental integrity is shown by the fact that we communicate the scores above openly to our clients.


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