*** Covid-19 Update ***

Stonbury are immensely proud to be supporting our clients across the UK at such a crucial time and have been designated as 'key workers' by DEFRA and the UK water utility companies. Our teams are working tirelessly to help secure and maintain drinking water supplies, ensuring clean and safe drinking water is provided without interruption to critical services such as our hospitals as well as the general public. Now more than ever, the safety and wellbeing of our staff is of the utmost importance and we have adapted our safe working practices to ensure social distancing precautions are in place and that the correct hygiene practices are being followed. Safety is our priority, and we endeavour to make sure everyone at Stonbury goes home safe to their family.

// About Us

We are an agile, direct delivery specialist contractor to both the water industry and wider water environment, with an emphasis on delivering innovative, low carbon and high-quality reliable solutions.

Currently holding 20 Frameworks, we work with most of the UK’s water companies and the Environment Agency - either directly or through their major supply chains - to deliver high value, low carbon solutions across their asset estates. This includes works on potable water, wastewater treatment centres and nature-based ‘green’ and ‘grey’ solutions that deliver smart, low carbon environmental engineering.

As a company, the purpose at our core is clearly defined - we want to deliver industry leading sustainable solutions for our Clients through our people.

Our Purpose, Vision and Values (PVV) acts as our compass, reliably navigating us through the complex needs of the water sector.

By surrounding our purpose with clear decision-guiding values and robust strategic objectives, we remain fully aligned to drive value for our clients and realise our vision to be the top contractor and employer brand in the sector.

Be Safe, Be Healthy, Be Kind

Stonbury is committed to engaging with all employees in order to realise its aim of creating a just culture. This will be achieved by continuing to improve the ownership and responsibility for safety, health, environmental impact and wellbeing across the organisation from delivery to senior management.

Stonbury will ensure that each individual is provided with the right mix of training, skills, experience and knowledge to enable them to fulfil their roles safely and without risk to health or the environment. Additionally, Stonbury is dedicated to maintaining personal wellbeing whilst supporting stakeholders in delivering a high standard of improvements to infrastructure.


We aim to provide excellence for our clients and staff, through our standards, behaviour & values, in order to truly deliver industry-leading solutions, with the highest levels of expertise and sustainability principles to drive true value for money. Our policies underpin our management systems and compliance requirements to ensure we provide a robust framework for our daily activities.  

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