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Stonbury Limited secure position on Yorkshire Water £1bn Civil Engineering Framework

Stonbury have been successful in securing a framework award for Yorkshire Water, covering their Minor Civils Framework, Lot 2. Stonbury have been working with Yorkshire Water since the late 1980s. The relationship enhanced when they secured the first Framework agreement with Yorkshire Water in 2000, covering ‘The refurbishment and repair of potable water structures’ for AMP3 and subsequent frameworks covering AMP4 to AMP6, which is due to expire on March 2020. As framework contractor for Yorkshire Water, Stonbury have successfully worked on a vast number of Yorkshire Water assets across the region and are thrilled to have secured a place on the lot 2 Minor Civils Framework. Divisional Managing Director, Jon Featherstone, said ‘As Stonbury’s longest-standing client, we are extremely proud to retain the confidence of Yorkshire Water to deliver critical works, ensuring the long-term stability of their assets. This is a testament to the professionalism and dedication of all our staff employed on this framework over the last years’. Initially running for a 5-year term, 2020 – 2025, there is an opportunity for the extension of the agreement up to 2028. The framework covers specialist works on water retaining structures, including the refurbishment/repair/waterproofing of potable and wastewater assets, both above and below ground. Stonbury will continue to service the Yorkshire Water Framework from their Northern based office in Beverley, East Yorkshire, offering clients full access for hot-desking facilities and meetings, promoting collaborative working. Yorkshire Water are working to develop a collaborative approach with all AMP 7 appointed contractors and recently held a Civils Contractors Welcome Event. Several of the Stonbury team attended the event, deeming the day a total success and an excellent opportunity to build relationships with fellow contractors. “We are excited about the emphasis on collaborative working, and thoroughly enjoyed meeting the contract partners at the welcome event. Using collaboration to drive efficiency and innovation has always played an important role in the work we deliver at Stonbury, and we believe we can add genuine value through our allocated framework, in partnership with the other framework contractors.” Richard Harrison, Framework Delivery Manager Stonbury looks forward to working with Yorkshire Water and their partners over the next AMP period, embracing new challenges and helping achieve their goals throughout AMP7.       

Successful growth for Stonbury in Scotland

With Stonbury fully established across Scotland, we are looking forward to SR21 and the opportunities for further development. Following the launch of Stonbury in Scotland, a little over a year ago, we have seen fantastic growth across the area. Our Scotland team has dramatically increased in size and recently expanded to a second location in Central Scotland. “We wanted to share our expertise in Scotland for quite some time but waited until we had the right people in the right place, and the decision to do this has absolutely paid off. Headed by Iain Weir, who I have known for many years, the Scotland team are delivering work to a high standard, with the relevant skills to support Scottish Water in SR21 and beyond”. James Stonor, Stonbury CEO We have already successfully delivered various growth and capital maintenance packages for Scottish Water through their delivery alliance ESD and are thrilled to have been recently awarded another fantastic scheme with them. The works include the refurbishment of three large service reservoirs over a 38-week period. “The partnership we have built with ESD over the past year has, and continues to be extremely positive and has allowed us to grow the business in key areas and invest in the people we need to ensure we are delivering high quality, safe projects.” Iain Weir, Managing Director, Scotland Area Initially supported by Stonbury delivery teams across the UK, the Scotland team, now comprised entirely of locally-based staff, are fully set up to allow growth at a sustainable pace and look forward to the further development of the team structure.      

CoSHH Awareness and Skin Protection

As specialists in the refurbishment of water retaining structures, our teams use CoSHH materials on a daily basis. These products are DWI Regulation 31 approved products and are known to contain skin sensitizers. In some cases, contact with these sensitisers can cause an allergic response to an individual, with severe consequences. We have recently implemented a number of safety alerts, training exercises and VTBT’s across the company to ensure operatives working with these products have a full understanding of the risks to both themselves and others. A key part of the training has been to ensure our teams understand the risk of onset or increased sensitisation through repeated and prolonged exposure to certain materials. We also focused on demonstrating the importance of following the correct PPE removal procedures. A practical task was set for all operatives working with CoSHH substances, where coveralls and gloves coated in jam, were to be removed without the jam touching any area of skin, the jam was a representation of the uncured materials used on site. The exercise was a complete success and gave our QSE team the chance to remind and reinforce the working procedures around skin protection. This was followed up with a video toolbox talk on the prevention of skin sensitisation and dermatitis. As DWI Regulation 31 products develop, we will ensure the importance of skin protection, washing procedures and effective aftercare is reinforced throughout the company. You can view our ‘Skin Protection VTBT’ here.

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