*** Covid-19 Update ***

Stonbury are immensely proud to be supporting our clients across the UK at such a crucial time and have been designated as 'key workers' by DEFRA and the UK water utility companies. Our teams are working tirelessly to help secure and maintain drinking water supplies, ensuring clean and safe drinking water is provided without interruption to critical services such as our hospitals as well as the general public. Now more than ever, the safety and wellbeing of our staff is of the utmost importance and we have adapted our safe working practices to ensure social distancing precautions are in place and that the correct hygiene practices are being followed. Making safety is our priority, and we endeavour to make sure everyone at Stonbury goes home safe to their family.


Bank Stabilisation

We were recently contracted to complete bank stabilisation works to a section of riverbank in the South of England. The scope of works also included the removal and disposal of Himalayan balsam and other native vegetation.


New Build Tertiary Treatment Plant

The Stonbury civil engineering branch completed works as part of the final stages of a large turnkey construction project for a framework client. The project involved the installation of a new Tertiary Treatment Plant, fully compliant with the EA’s consent for discharge into the river.


Stonbury appoints a new business consultant

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Simon Gibby as Strategic Development Lead for Stonbury.


Stonbury confirm 4-year Framework with Southern Water as part of their Catchment First programme

Stonbury are thrilled to announce they have secured Southern Water’s first, 4-year Catchment Management, Strategy & Delivery framework, as part of their Catchment First programme.


Stonbury shortlisted for innovative product design at the 2020 Water Industry Awards

Stonbury are delighted to have been shortlisted by the prestigious Water Industry Awards, for 'Most Innovative New Technology of the Year'.


Steel Water Tower Demolition

Stonbury were contracted to optioneer and price for the demolition of an abandoned water tower in the north of England. The works were required following a structural engineers report, which raised concerns over the towers long term safety.


WWTW Automated System Installation

Working on behalf of an Alliance Partner, Stonbury were contracted to complete the installation of an automated system, to control pumping stations that fed into a wastewater treatment works. The scope also included alterations to the existing inlet works to improve flow control and isolation.


Q&A with Rory MacPhee

Trainee Site Engineer


Leaders in UK Water Quality

Following rapid growth over the past three years, Stonbury have poised themselves to become UK leaders in ensuring the very best in water quality standards. From the creation of a designated quality team to improvements in information sharing, quality documentation and essential training, Stonbury are demonstrating unrivalled commitment to driving water best practice.


Embankment and flood wall repairs

Stonbury were recently contracted to repair damage caused by badgers under-mining the tidal embankment and flood wall at a popular holiday resort on the coast.



As part of an extensive refurbishment programme, Stonbury have been replacing the push-fit vents used inside security access covers on reservoir roofs. The vents allow air to pass through the reservoir while preventing insects, small animals and debris from entering the tank.


Stonbury receive 'Highly Commended' for Brand Strategy at 2019 Employee Engagement Awards

We are delighted to have received the 'Highly Commended' award for our employer brand, during the 2019 UK & European Employee Engagement Awards.


Access Covers: Push-fit vents V's Magnetic vents

As part of an extensive refurbishment programme, we have been replacing the push-fit vents used inside security access covers on reservoir roofs. The vents allow air to pass through the reservoir while preventing insects, small animals and debris from entering the tank.


New year sees the Stonbury Group brands merge into one

Following the successful acquisition of Kingcombe Aquacare and the expansion into Scotland, Kingcombe Stonbury and Stonbury Scotland have now merged with Stonbury to become one cohesive brand.


Debris Clearance

Stonbury was contracted by the Environment Agency to clear debris from a ‘dragon’s teeth’ flow device, that has been designed to break up and dissipate the water flow before a bend in the river and to protect strategic pumping assets. The scope also included strimming along a 300m stretch of the riverbank.


Steel Tank Coating Application & Removal

Following a statutory inspection by the client, Stonbury were contracted to complete refurbishment works inside a steel tank, which showed severe signs of rusting and peeling of the existing coatings to the walls and soffit.


Great Opportunities for Fantastic Careers

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