Stonbury is enlisted by the Environment Agency to complete a variety of arboricultural and agricultural management services within the riparian environment.

The arboriculture and agricultural management programmes Stonbury deliver are important to maintain the environment for purposes of flood defence, water quality, habitat improvement and biodiversity net gain.

Vegetation Management
Stonbury’s teams are busy throughout the year managing a range of vegetation types along riverbanks and around other bodies of water. Regular works include grass cutting, hedge and shrubbery trimming, and invasive species control.

Tree Works
As part of natural flood defence programmes, Stonbury assist with tree surveying, felling and planting. All works take place under the supervision of an Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW) to ensure protection of nesting birds and other wildlife.

Channel Maintenance
Stonbury provide several services to ensure rivers and streams continue to function. Schemes include embankment maintenance, erosion protection and strengthening works, reporting and clearance, blockage inspection and dredging and silt redistribution.

Asset Maintenance
Stonbury also provide services to ensure environmental infrastructure remains operational. Projects include but are not limited to blockage inspections and clearances within fish passes, debris screens, pipes and outfalls, release of silted and corroded flood and sluice gates and flap valve replacements. Teams are also regularly deployed to manage silt and algal overgrowth within public ponds.

Pest and Livestock Control
Along with managing vegetation to discourage rodents and other vermin from damaging embankments, Stonbury deliver several other interventions including badger exclusion for bank stabilisation works, and on-farm interventions including stock fencing and trough installation to prevent damage to rivers and create safe habitat corridors for wildlife.

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