Stonbury were engaged to carry out refurbishment works to a reedbed system at a Water Recycling Centre (WRC) in the South of England. The site serves a small community, with the reed bed providing settlement and treatment capacity for effluent before it reaches the watercourse. The works were required as the reedbed had ceased to be effective, due to sludge, overgrown reeds and leaf litter.

The scope included the removal and replacement of the filter media and the installation of 1200 number Phragmitis australis reeds across the filter bed.

Initial works involved cutting back and removing the existing reeds which had become extremely overgrown. Once the reeds had been cut back and the filter bed exposed, the existing granular material was excavated and placed into skips for removal.

A temporary filtration system was set up to over pump the final effluent to allow the WRC to remain in service whilst the maintenance works took place.

Graded granular stone was imported and backfilled into the existing media bed and once in place, a planting layer of shingle was added to allow the reeds to be planted.

Incidental works were carried out at the same time to the reed bed inlet pipework area, including the excavation of the uneven ground surrounding the pipework and the construction of a new gravel hard standing to provide easier access for operatives.

Following a joint inspection and acceptance of the works, the temporary over-pumping system was removed and the site was handed back to the client.

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