Stonbury introduces on-site drug and alcohol screening

Stonbury has invested in fingerprint drug screening and alcohol breathalyser technology to improve the health, safety, and wellbeing of its staff.

Stonbury is committed to creating an Injury-Free Environment (IFE) by fostering a culture of care and concern for people, which demands that everybody accepts responsibility for their own and others' wellbeing and are not placing themselves or others at risk by the misuse of drugs or alcohol.

The introduction of portable screening technology enables tests to be carried out in-house for the first time, replacing external drug testing services. This allows Stonbury to be even more responsive in conducting random, post-accident and for-cause testing.

Using sweat from fingerprints, the Intelligent Fingerprinting tamper-evident drug screening system can detect the recent use of cocaine, cannabis, opiates, and methamphetamine during the 16 hours prior to sample collection. The process provides a result within 10 minutes.

Unlike traditional tests which use saliva and urine samples, the fingerprint test doesn’t require additional infrastructure such as dedicated toilet facilities and gender-specific staff to supervise sample collection, making on-site testing faster and safer.

As part of its wider drug and alcohol policy, Stonbury will continue to assist with the rehabilitation of employees who voluntarily seek help for drug and alcohol related problems.

“Testing is being used by Stonbury to ensure employees are fit for duty when handling the numerous different types of heavy plant such as diggers, drivers, dumpers; working at height and around bodies of deep water; and confined spaces. Impressively, not only is the company embarking on drug and alcohol testing, but it also has a wider support programme in place as part of its wellness programme. It is an excellent drug and alcohol policy.”

Dr Paul Yates, Intelligent Fingerprinting