We are proud to announce that Project Coordinator John Scott has been recognised as Stonbury's Employee of the Year 2023. This well-deserved honour comes because of numerous 'Employee of the Month' nominations, which serve as a testament to John's unwavering dedication to our values.

Throughout his time at Stonbury, spanning nearly a year and a half, John has showcased remarkable growth, progressing from a Site Coordinator to a Project Coordinator. His exceptional performance reflects his commitment to excellence, as he consistently supports his team, celebrates the successes of others, and approaches every task with a positive attitude and proactive mindset.

Why did you choose to work for Stonbury?

I have been fascinated with water from an early age and have always wanted to learn more about the processes of where it comes from to reach our taps. In addition, my previous experience working in the utilities industry and being involved in innovation projects with Nissan and Microsoft has developed a keen interest in science and engineering. This prompted me to apply for a role at Stonbury, which stood out as an industry leader in its area and a gateway into the water industry. I had also heard positive things about the business from a previous colleague, so I was keen to apply and delighted to get the job. It was the best decision I have ever made; I've met some great people and love the work I do. 

How has your role progressed, and what opportunities have you been given? 

Initially, I completed various courses, including my CITB-CSCS labours card, City & Guilds in Confined Space and EUSR Water Hygiene qualification. Over time, I have also been on various Health and Safety courses as well as the temporary works supervisor course. I expressed an interest in learning and progression, so I was given the opportunity to complete my SMSTS Certificate, which allowed me to run and manage sites while supervising the teams. This was an excellent opportunity to learn more and show my skills. 

When the opportunity arose, I took on additional work and responsibility and was promoted from Site Coordinator to Project Coordinator. Although I am only beginning this new journey, I am learning so much and feel extremely well supported by my team, project managers, and others across the business. 

Where do you hope to be in five to ten years?

Within the next five years, I see myself in a similar position to where I am now, continuing to learn and understand more about the industry and gaining experience in the trade, which will enable me to move into a Project manager position.

In ten years, I plan to take further steps to progress up the ladder whilst developing a greater understanding of Health and Safety. In addition, I would love to get more involved in wellbeing awareness and with our Brand & Marketing team. I work with so many wonderful people at Stonbury who carry out great work; I want to highlight this, reward where I can and showcase our business. I am so proud to say I work at Stonbury and am proud of the team around me. 

I'd love to be the face of Stonbury with my picture on the back of a van – watch this space!

What influenced you to specialise in the water industry and water environment sector?

I don't like seeing people mistreat the environment, and I feel passionate about safe, clean water for all. Knowing that through my work at Stonbury, I can make a positive impact and help implement change was one of the main reasons I was drawn to the industry. Travelling around the country in some beautiful locations is also a fantastic bonus. 

What three things do you enjoy most about your job?

Number one, without a shadow of a doubt, is the people. I have genuinely met some incredible people and feel part of a supportive community that helps me get up and turn in daily. Secondly is the opportunity to learn and grow. I have been allowed to explore areas of interest and expand my knowledge in specialist areas while still feeling part of the wider work. Finally, I enjoy the variety. Every day is different, and I get to see some incredible sights that the public doesn't even know exist. Working at Stonbury has been such a unique, eye-opening experience. 

What's been your favourite project to work on so far? Why?

I've had a few favourite projects. However, some to note would be working on the UK's tallest water tower, surrounded by beautiful views and seeing my first brick-built reservoir with an actual staircase leading into the tank. The tank was beautiful, and I learned about its history, from its first grand opening in the 1800s to its recent involvement in World War Two. It is things like this that make coming to work enjoyable!

John is a valuable asset to our workplace culture; we applaud his achievements and look forward to his continued success in shaping the future of Stonbury.