New year sees the Stonbury Group brands merge into one

Following the successful acquisition of Kingcombe Aquacare and the expansion into Scotland, Kingcombe Stonbury and Stonbury Scotland have now merged with Stonbury to become one cohesive brand.

The move is set to allow Stonbury to provide a seamless service, effectively sharing expertise and capabilities from all three companies. The amalgamation offers enhanced clarity both internally and externally and enables new and existing clients to take full advantage of the services Stonbury has to offer.

"This complete integration into one company is important internally for our staff, for them to have one set of values and work together as one team. It has already encouraged better cross-pollination of ideas within the business and people fully utilising the amazing pool of experience and skillsets we have across the business. The one brand also gives clarity to our clients as it reflects how we are now able to offer all of our services across the UK and the fantastic new website demonstrates this perfectly".

James Stonor, CEO

Alongside their previous expertise, both the business acquisition and company expansion has enabled Stonbury to develop their services across the UK, making Stonbury an optimal contractor for all water asset management and equipping the company to confidently tackle large-scale, multi-faceted projects.

The merge coincides with the launch of a new website, which allows clients to view the full range of Stonbury's offerings, together with the latest company news and examples of completed and on-going schemes.

With the aim to promote complete consistency from point of contact to point of service, the change cultivates clear communication; enabling Stonbury to channel all enquires though a centralised system, so that clients can ensure their queries are immediately directed to the most suitable department. They can also expect to see a one-company presence throughout the UK and a completely rebranded fleet.

The consolidation of the three companies is also expected to help foster collaboration and innovation, removing internal barriers to allow for the sharing of information and support throughout the entire Stonbury team.

Stonbury’s people are now working as one organisation with a broad business growth strategy, providing them with a wider view, both metaphorically and geographically, and giving staff clearer visibility on career progression and internal opportunities.

"This is an important step on our journey to becoming a leading brand in the industry both for our clients and as an employer. I am particularly pleased with how the teams within our business have pulled together under the single brand, collaboration and efficiency has increased markedly; it also means that our clients no longer need to concern themselves with who they need to contact for the services they require".

Ian Mellor, Managing Director