Weir & Dam Refurbishment

We were contracted after lengthy client/designer/contractor investigation works to complete the full refurbishment of 10 No. weir and dam structures near Burton upon Trent. The site had been vastly converted to be a high profile strategic site but these structures landed outside the main development area and now required immediate upgrade in case of collapse.

The main works were carried out on 3 No. structures. This included the following works over the structures:

  • Dismantling of existing parapet walls and rebuilding to match existing stype
  • Reinforcement of cracked and failing brickwork utilising stainless steel ties and fixings
  • Removal of trees and overgrowth from the structures through stump grinding and specialist tree surgery techniques
  • Daming of existing water flows and installation of diversionary pipework to allow works to be completed
  • Preparation of existing brickwork walls by turbojet water jetting and grit blasting
  • Fixing of designed steelwork to reinforce new concrete and tie back to existing walls
  • Shoring and formwork to form a new concrete skin to dam structure approx 30m span x 3.5m high
  • Pouring of insitu formed concrete to form new skin
  • Sprayed concrete to chamber and dam sections using Sikacem 133
  • Lining of 3 No. 900mm culverts with new insitu lining material
  • New screens and grills installed to weir and chamber structures
  • Eel passes installed to 2 No. structures to allow the migration of eels up the watercourse plus installation of other environmental installations including bird hides and boxes

The works were completed from April 2016 to September 2016 and had to work around the clients strict site access rules due to the high profile nature of the site. The works were undertaken on time and within client budget.