Water Tower Valve Replacement

Stonbury was pleased to deliver replacements to several gate valves within a water tower during a four- week programme.

Stonbury was contracted to replace six valves on the external mains on the underside of a water tower as they had decayed over the years due to inclement weather from the North Sea and were no longer fully operational. Stonbury was chosen to deliver this time-critical project after it was decided that employing its particular skillset would keep the timescale and cost to a minimum.

Prior to works beginning, an extensive scaffold platform was erected to gain access to the existing valves on the underside of the tank where they are operated by the client’s operatives from each side of a walkway. Due to the type of asset and the coastal location, special consideration was made for the weather conditions for the safety of staff.

Once safe access was established, the team removed and replaced four large, defected valves on the inlet and outlet pipes followed by two remaining WO valves, which assist in emptying the tanks. Lagging was installed on all the valves to protect them from freezing temperatures.

In addition to the valve replacements, the team completed some minor repair works to the tank itself. Metal plates were installed to two areas on the underside of the tank floor where leakage had been identified resulting in corroding of the steel floor. Finally, the tank was washed down before the scaffolding was dismantled and the asset was returned to the client.

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