Water Tower Refurbishment Schemes

Since establishment, Stonbury has carried out repair and refurbishment works to a vast number of water towers.

Unlike service reservoirs, water towers have several additional aspects that must be considered, including full exposure to the elements, thermal movement, and restricted access for materials, which often requires the use of specialist scaffolds and hoists.

From condition surveys and maintenance to extensive refurbishment works, Stonbury offers innovative solutions to restore structural integrity and extend the serviceable life of the asset. This includes, but is not limited to:

• Safety and security: Handrails, alarm systems, security fencing
• Repairs: Concrete and joints, repointing, grouting and structural strengthening
• Waterproofing: Linings, roof membranes, overburden excavation and replacement
• Replacement: Demolition, design, fabrication and installation
• Pipework: Installation, alteration, coating/blasting solutions for challenging environments
• Maintenance: Condition surveys, cleaning, chlorination
• Accessibility: Ladders, hatches, solutions for difficult access conditions
• Drainage: Installation of roof and perimeter drainage systems

The design, configuration and age of a water tower can present various challenges with access and delivery of works. Sloped floors, restricted access and limited space mean innovative solutions are often required, including rope access solutions, scaffold dancefloors and bespoke scaffolding for access to domed roofs.

Access into a water tower tank is often located on the roof, so requires the installation of ladders, staircases, handrails and fall arrest systems to allow safe entry and exit into the tank. External galvanized and internal stainless-steel staircases should also be installed and replaced after long periods of time to ensure safe access for all operatives and visitors.

Water towers are unique structures which often require both working in confined spaces and working at height, and therefore demand special Health and Safety planning to carry out works. Stonbury adhere to rigorous processes to comply with H&S legislation and protect the safety of operatives, including regular drills to ensure rescue operation procedure is second nature.


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