Trickling Filter Column Repairs

Stonbury was contracted to make repairs to several column supports for the distribution system surrounding a filter bed at a wastewater treatment site.

A routine inspection highlighted cracks in fourteen distributer support columns around a large gravel trickling filter at a wastewater treatment site.

Stonbury was contacted to mobilise to site and repair the damaged render to stop water ingress and protect the integrity of the internal steel supports.
Due to the nature of the site, special wastewater health, safety and risk assessments were carried out.

Once the electric to the pulley system was isolated, preparatory work to clear vegetation from around the columns was completed, before cleaning the columns using high-pressure water jetting (HPWJ).

The team then used a cup grinder to roughen the entire existing surface before fully coating the columns in an environmentally friendly, fast-set cementitious render.

The client was delighted with Stonbury’s response and the standard to which the repair was completed – which extended the asset’s lifespan by approximately a decade.

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