Storm Lake Refurbishment

Stonbury was enlisted to undertake various works to refurbish a storm lake, including flood alleviation, access improvements and and concrete repairs to the inside of the lake wall.

A housing development was built adjacent to the storm lake which resulted in flooding along the access road, requiring prompt attention. To solve the issue, the team saw-cut a breakout channel of approximately 150 metres along the tarmacadam access road and installed a clerk drainage channel to take water away from the road into a soakaway chamber.

To address flooding on the front elevation of the storm lake, a channel was excavated and approximately 150 metres of 225mm perforated toe drain was installed to the front elevation of the storm lake and connected into the existing drainage chamber.

Once drainage works had been completed, work began on the internal remedials. All mastic mastic sealant from concrete capping within the storm lake and installed a total of 90 numbered plates next to each joint internally and externally so that the client could identify individual joints if future remedial works were required.

Finally, the site team replaced the existing overbanding on the inside of the overflow wall where two joints were leaking and installed new overbanding to all the full joints using Masterseal 933 epoxy adhesive. Minor concrete repairs were conducted where necessary using Natcem 35.

In addition to the drainage improvements and lake repairs, access provision was improved with the construction of two new concrete staircases, one to enable access up the front embankment, and one to enable access to the left side elevation. Handrailing was then installed by a client-approved metalwork installer who supplied the fabrication and fitting.

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