Storage Lagoon Construction

Stonbury recently completed the construction of a new storage lagoon in East Yorkshire.

An Anaerobic Digestion Plant, partly constructed in 2009 by our now wholly owned Civil Engineering Company, has proved so successful that additional storage was required for the generated organic bi-product. This lagoon will be used to produce a natural, organic, carbon free fertiliser, produced by the break down of organic material left over from food and farm processes.

Working with the client from a very early stage, a final design for the lagoon was reached that both satisfied the storage capacity required and the environmental impact on the area chosen for the site.
The lagoon was to have an overall size of 65m long x 40m wide and creating a final depth of 4.7 metres, using cut and fill techniques.

From the very beginning of the project, our own in house plant was utilised wherever possible. During excavation, a stone seam was located underground which was immediately recycled and utilised to reinforce existing site access roads and hard standings.

Despite the wet weather conditions throughout the project, the site was completed to the client’s satisfaction and our own large plant was removed.

A specialist liner with floating cover was installed within the lagoon and the safely stored bi-product will be used as a bio organic fertiliser to be spread on the fields surrounding the Biogas plant.
All works were carried out by Stonbury’s experienced CPCS trained plant operators, managed by our experienced site agents and project management team.

We were very pleased to be part of this construction project producing this efficient technology, providing stable and reliable renewable energy with multiple farming benefits.