Neoprene Gaskets

Stonbury is pleased to roll out the application of cutting-edge neoprene gasket seals, a new WRAS- approved alternative to mastic for sealing treated water asset hatches.

While working on one of our key client Frameworks, Stonbury used a new solution for sealing hatches on water treatment storage assets inspired from other industry sectors. The new WRAS-approved neoprene foam product provides a watertight joint seal for treated water storage assets and is up to three times more durable than mastic solutions. In addition, the new system is more reliable and sustainable and is less costly.

Stonbury’s Head of Technical and Quality has visited sites to train teams on the correct application of the gasket. The method involves taking measurements - to custom make the gasket - lifting the hatch cover, cleaning the upstand and placing it into position before dropping the hatch back into place and securing by tightening the buts on the bolts.

The initial trial project comprised of two hatches, both of which were sealed effectively. As there is no cure time, the team was able to flood test immediately after installation, saving both time and cost to the client. The trial was a great success, demonstrating zero leakage upon testing.

Following approval from clients, Stonbury has now successfully used the gasket method on various schemes across the UK and anticipates this cutting-edge product will become a game-changer for the water industry.

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