Natural Flood Management & Habitat Enhancement

Working on behalf of a National Park, Stonbury installed natural flood defences designed to enhance biodiversity within an upland river.

Four ‘leaky dams’ were built using surplus oversized stone from a local quarry and a combination of logs and root plates sourced from wind-blown trees on the surrounding farmland.

The large woody structures were designed to slow water conveyance and improve flow diversity to increase spawning habitat for the local fish population.

Logs and stones were carefully placed within the river using a spider excavator, following the planned methodology.

The structures were designed to slow down the water at peak flow, while concentrating the path of water during drier spells, to ensure fish could still successfully migrate through the river. The leaky dams also created eddies and pools for habitat and spawning.

The project has provided a sustainable natural flood management solution that works with nature to enhance biodiversity and provide long-lasting environmental benefits.

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