Fill Point Injection Hatches

A client approached Stonbury to produce a hatch solution that would eliminate the risk of potable water contamination during tankering operations.

Tankering into a live cell during emergency events and outages is common practice during times of high water demand, and the client was concerned about the risk of contamination, an event which has occurred in the past while access hatches are open for extended periods to allow for water injection.

Stonbury worked with Technocover and the client to design a solution that would minimise the risk to water quality and security whilst filling the cell via tankers.

The final replacement hatch cover required a minimal modification of the standard SR4-rated internally vented Technocover and safely resolved the issue.

The design incorporates a special fitting within the inside lid of the access hatch cover in which the pipework can be snapped straight into, which is protected with a sealed cap.
This design, which has been tested and approved by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) and maintains its SR4 security rating, ensures the internal cover can be kept securely closed and locked during tankering operations.

The hatch design protects the potable water supply from becoming contaminated by debris from outside the tank, and in addition, eliminates the requirement for constant attendance for security reasons during filling operations.

The client was very happy with the design and is now looking at the possibility of installing one on every site. Stonbury is pleased to be able to offer installation of these hatches to other clients, with the potential to modify the design for specific client needs.

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