*** Covid-19 Update ***

Stonbury are immensely proud to be supporting our clients across the UK at such a crucial time and have been designated as 'key workers' by DEFRA and the UK water utility companies. Our teams are working tirelessly to help secure and maintain drinking water supplies, ensuring clean and safe drinking water is provided without interruption to critical services such as our hospitals as well as the general public. Now more than ever, the safety and wellbeing of our staff is of the utmost importance and we have adapted our safe working practices to ensure social distancing precautions are in place and that the correct hygiene practices are being followed. Safety is our priority, and we endeavour to make sure everyone at Stonbury goes home safe to their family.

// Fabrication Services

With fabrication at the heart of many of the projects Kingcombe Stonbury complete, the development of our inhouse, EN1090 accredited workshop has been essential. Our facilities allow us to control both the design and construction of fabrications to ensure that they exactly suit the application.

We manufacture a wide range of products and have the means to supply any item either fully assembled or in modular form to suit the installation requirements. These products include, but are not limited to; steel platforms, timber jetties, bridges, trashscreens, grills, radar arms, eel passages and new fish counter housings.

Kingcombe Stonbury actively work to ensure the right materials are used to suit every structure and their respective environment, working with a wide range of materials allows us to do this effectively. We manufacture fabricated products in the following materials:

- Stainless steel
- Mild steel
- Hardwood
- Softwood
- Recycled plastic
- Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP)

To ensure quality, we have been accredited to BS EN 1090 execution class EXC3 for more than 3 years, producing a wide range of made to measure products using steel. Our Workshop Manager oversees the procedure from start to finish, including all the necessary procedures and inspections.

The Standard requires that:

- A welding plan is created and maintained
- Only, qualified personnel and procedures in accordance with EN1090 standards are used
- A certified, responsible ‘Welding Coordinator’ is named and maintained
- An ‘FPC’ (Factory Production Control) is in place, consisting of procedures, inspections and tests to control all aspects of manufacture, from checking incoming goods through to signing off the finished product.


Using our fabrication facilities, we produce a wide range of water control structures including penstocks, hatches, sluice gates, trashscreens, bridges, lifting equipment and fencing. Typically, most fabrications are galvanised, but they may have a painted or powder coated finish. We also produce stainless steel construction for special applications including bespoke stilling tubes and mounting plates, used for ultrasonic and radar water level monitoring equipment on behalf of the Environment Agency.


By using only traceable timber from sustainable sources, we provide our clients with a long-lasting product that reflects our desire to preserve and enhance the environment. Our skilled joiners have extensive experience in manufacturing timber products and excellent attention to detail, often manufacturing bespoke components, finished in a style selected by the client.

Recycled Plastic

We use recycled plastic as an alternative to timber, as it is hard, extremely durable and available in a range of colours. It can be very useful for a variety of applications and is often used in the construction of angling platforms, submerged planting boxes, small bridges and decking. Typically, we would use dark brown or black to blend the structures in with the surrounding landscape, using stainless steel bolts and screws to ensure the fixings last as long as the material.

All our timber and plastic materials are sustainably sourced and as part of our ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management systems, our suppliers are annually checked and reviewed to ensure they our supply chain is compliant.

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