Bank Restoration

Stonbury were contracted to carry out comprehensive restoration works to a failing river bank that had become very unstable due to a water main leak.

Before works could begin, temporary pollution control measures were required to avoid any foreign bodies entering the watercourse whilst the works took place.

This included the installation of a silt curtain to control the dispersion of any mud and dirt. As a precaution, an oil boom was also used downstream of the works to ensure any fuel spillages would be contained.

A CAT scan of the area was conducted prior to the excavation of a 3m trench and the installation of support stakes along the river and bankside. Rock rolls were then laid horizontally and securely tied to each other and the hardwood stakes, ensuring a sufficient hold.

Drainage shelves and trenches were dug into the bank and filled with stone to create a constant gradient that will allow the bank to drain during a flood event and protect the surrounding areas.

Once fully installed, soil was layered over the rock rolls followed by a coir roll matting to provide further stabilisation to the bank and prevent future soil erosion.

A final layer of top soil was used to cover the matting and grass seed was distributed across the bank and surround areas.

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