Invertebrate Surveys

Stonbury completed two invertebrate surveys on the River Avon to sample above and below discharge points, using a Yorkshire Pattern airlift pump.

The survey was required to determine and record what species of benthic macroinvertebrates were present and in what numbers.

Benthic macroinvertebrates can be found in and around water bodies; they are small aquatic animals that are sensitive to physical and chemical changes within a watercourse. Their relative immobility – due to the lack of a backbone – means they cannot easily escape the impacts of thermal, chemical or organic pollution. 

Benthos, such as crayfish, snails and some insects are an important group of organisms to study, as they can be tied to site-specific habitats, and are therefore reflective of the health of that specific habitat location.

The information gathered during the survey gave the client a better understanding of the best processes to maintain the watercourse and highlighted how the discharge is impacting the habitat and the quality of water within the sample areas.

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