Bank Re-profiling

Stonbury carried out the re-profiling and strengthening of 30 linear meters of bank, which had become unstable due to tidal water.

Once the new bank line had been agreed with the client, a long reach excavator was used on top of the bank to pull up the slipped areas. The spoil was then mixed with local clay and compacted to strengthen the bank, and support stakes were fixed along the front edge.

Rock rolls were installed between the bank and the stakes to provide a robust and permanent revetment along the canal. Ground anchors were also installed along the bank, adding additional strength to the revetment.

Once fully secure, unplanted coir rolls were fixed into place on top of the rock rolls to provide further erosion control and rapid vegetation establishment.

The bank was then reshaped, and coir roll matting was laid to prevent future soil erosion and provide additional stabilisation to the bank. Finally, topsoil was distributed across the bank and surrounding areas, followed by grass seed.

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