Stonbury are immensely proud to be supporting our clients across the UK at such a crucial time and have been designated as 'key workers' by DEFRA and the UK water utility companies. Our teams are working tirelessly to help secure and maintain drinking water supplies, ensuring clean and safe drinking water is provided without interruption to critical services such as our hospitals as well as the general public. Now more than ever, the safety and wellbeing of our staff is of the utmost importance and we have adapted our safe working practices to ensure social distancing precautions are in place and that the correct hygiene practices are being followed. Safety is our priority, and we endeavour to make sure everyone at Stonbury goes home safe to their family.

Baffle Wall Replacement

Due to the presence of Chrysolite Asbestos inside a drinking water contact tank, Stonbury were contracted to remove a contaminated baffle wall and it’s supporting steel structure. The wall was to be replaced with a new thermoplastic baffle curtain.

The existing baffle wall was made up of corrugated sheeting and fixed into place on a steel frame. The sheeting required removal by specialist contractors and once complete, the steel frame was dismantled and removed from the tank in sections.

Holes were drilled into the floor and soffit of the reservoir and eyebolts were secured into place, ready for the new baffle curtain to be installed. A new stainless-steel handrail was also installed on the staircase and around the sump, due to the poor condition of the original railings.

Waterproofing bandage and epoxy resin were used to seal all of the wall and soffit joints inside the tank, where ingress had been identified. However, following a second failed flood test, it was decided that the roof was to be fully excavated, exposing the loose lay membrane for further inspection. Additional repairs were then completed externally, ensuring a watertight seal, before reinstatement of the original overburden.

Once the internal overbanding was complete and had passed inspection, angle irons were fitted along the scour channel to support a GRP grill. This was a health and safety measure due to the length and depth of the scour channel.

On completion of a clean & chlorination and a successful sign-off, the asset was handed back to the client for return to service.

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