Stonbury creates cross-department sustainability team

Stonbury has made no secret of its intention to become a leading sustainable organisation and has created a new cross-functioning team of Sustainability Champions to help drive new initiatives and ensure that all employees have an opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable world.

The team comprises of passionate volunteers from across both the delivery and commercial sides of the business after directors created the opportunity for employees to step forward to lead the mission. Several answered the call and have come together as a thriving and innovative group, each bringing their own unique perspectives.

Each member is committed to their role to act as a champion for sustainability in their respective departments and to work with others to embed good practice. By joining the team, they each have an opportunity to increase their own knowledge of sustainability by reading current material, news and best practice on the topic and share it with the group for use across the business. 

Although there is a pressing requirement to deal with critical environmental issues the world is facing, the champions fully understand the significance of ‘the triple bottom line’; that is, balancing the needs of the planet with the need to maintain the profitability of the company while also addressing the needs of its people.

Each month the team meet online to share progress on key areas of work, as decided by the group. The team has already reviewed the company’s biodiversity policy, explored opportunities for Stonbury to gain additional sustainability accreditation from external bodies, and began to explore a process to recycle old uniform and PPE.

Ideas around community volunteering and working with local schools and colleges have also been discussed. Attention is now being focused on how best to engage with site staff so that they can see the important role they play in contributing to Stonbury’s sustainability intentions.