Our Yellow Team 'Stand Down Day'

Earlier this month, the Stonbury Yellow Team (serving Northumbrian Water and Scotland regions) held a full ‘Stand Down Day’ for all management and site operatives.

Introducing ‘Making Safety our Priority’

A main purpose of the day was to introduce Stonbury’s new ‘Making Safety our Priority’ strategy, delivered by Ryan Brown, QSE Manager. The initiative launches in 2017 and will be a critical part of Stonbury’s project delivery going into the future, and so forth vital for all our team members to understand the continued importance of safe and responsible working at all times. This message was well received and promoted healthy discussion around the room. Other topics covered on the day focused on quality, site records and site operation in general.

NWG Customer Expectations and Branding Initiative

We were also pleased to welcome Northumbrian Water, who presented an interactive workshop explaining their new Customer Expectations policy and how Stonbury are a key part of this. Under the new NWG branding initiative, the Northumbrian Water logo will now be prominently displayed on our vans and PPE in the NWL regions, therefore on and between sites, Stonbury will now be recoginsed as NWG representatives. The message was clearly explained and had benefit of being explained directly by the client, this now allows our team members to understand the importance of appropriate representation whether this be from driving behaviour to helpfulness to the public.

Stonbury have also welcomed the Zero Harm (6 pillars) forum from NWL and the inclusion of NWG’s values and vision. Taking a proactive and collaborative approach to Health, Safety, Environment and Quality, a similar approach is now being used to achieve the highest standards of such throughout the company.

Question Box

Throughout the day, regular Q&A sessions were encouraged, which allowed individuals to anonymously ask questions via our question box. All questions were addressed and answered, promoting positive discussion throughout the day. The content of the questions highlighted that the Stonbury ethos has been embraced by the Yellow Team, only strengthened by the request for more team bonding days!

Overall it was an extremely enjoyable and most importantly, worthwhile day and one that will be repeated during the year. The loss and expense of a standard days’ operation has been more than made up for by the quality time made available to discuss relevant topics across the full spectrum of the yellow team members.