Our Investment in Testing

Over the last 12 months, Stonbury have invested in the introduction of up to date onsite testing equipment, for the application of all coatings, especially those products that come under the umbrella of Regulation 31.

We have worked closely with Elcometer, testing equipment and training providers and Polygon, environmental condition experts, to ensure the correct and latest technology is being utilised in all our ongoing and future projects. 

We have invested in:

  • Data Loggers – Constant monitoring of temperature and humidity
  • Dew Point Meters – Live readings of surface temperature, relative humidity, air temperature, dew point
  • Pull-Off Test Kits – Measure the adhesion of coatings onto the parent substrate
  • Holiday Testers – Identifies defects within the coating system
  • DFT Meters (dry film thickness) – Measures the thickness of coatings onto steel surfaces
  • Elcometer 500 – Measures the thickness of coatings onto cementitious surfaces
  • Moisture Meters – Measures the level of moisture within cementitious substrates

All the above are critical to ensure that not only Stonbury, but the client too, can be confident that all the materials have been not only applied, but cured all as per the manufacturers Information-For-Use documentation.