In addition to site visits and day-to-day support, the Stonbury SHWEQ team are working in the background to continuously drive the standard of 'Safety, Health, Wellbeing, Environment & Quality' within the business.

"We are in the process of developing and executing a number of different safety, health, wellbeing, environment and quality initiatives that will be rolled out across the business. This includes: 

Behaviour & Culture

Our SHWEQ team and People Services are collaborating on a Behaviour and Culture programme that will capture the positive elements of our people and business to ensure that we conduct ourselves in a manner that provides our desired working environment; not because we have to, but because we want to. Extensive work has already taken place in the background to capture thoughts and aspirations, so they can tailor their approach to the business. 

Visual Standards
A Visual Standards document is also currently under development to support our expectations, minimum standards, and training requirements for key site activities. Our focus is to exceed minimum legal requirements and provide an industry-leading standard. The document will provide clarity and a brief summary of our requirements, as well as set the benchmark for how we all would like our schemes to operate.
Incident Management and Investigation
Incidents will always remain undesirable; however, we are enhancing our approach with these events to ensure that we provide a Just and Fair Culture when establishing any contributing factors and people. Using these events as “Learning Opportunities” we are adapting as a business and developing true preventative actions that contribute to our overall health and safety in the long-term future".

Adam Wells, Head of Safety, Health, Wellbeing, Environment and Quality

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