Inspiring young people to succeed

As Stonbury continues its exciting plans to grow the business, it is committed to generating long-term positive social impacts to both the environment and local communities.

Central to becoming a more socially valuable organisation, Stonbury is improving real lives and contributing to the formation of resilient and aspirational communities. As a business, Stonbury actively seeks opportunities to give back to local communities by undertaking activities to address their needs.

One such recent example was supporting the Reach Society’s annual Employability Day in Luton on the 31st May. Targeting young people aged 10-19, the event was designed to allow employers from academia and the private, public and third sectors to showcase a range of opportunities for talented young people.

The event created a platform for multiple interactions, including workshops, panels and one-to-ones between black professionals and young people to address some of the major inequalities that continue to plague our society. The young participants were helped to identify pathways to success at the same time as being reminded of the importance of continuing to develop their academic potential.

Stonbury’s Director of People and Culture, Loraine Thomas, attended the event as a volunteer role model and spent the day sharing her knowledge and expertise with young people and hearing about their aspirations.

It was a wonderful experience knowing that in some small way I was supporting them on that journey to success. I enjoyed being able to talk about early career opportunities Stonbury has on offer as well as sharing information about degree apprenticeship programmes the young people could consider

Loraine Thomas, Director of People and Culture