Cyber-security Training and Awareness

With effective security awareness training, we are now teaching Stonbury employees how to avoid online attacks from social engineering, spear phishing and ransomware. It is our aim to raise security awareness and successfully deliver risk reduction & compliance and reduce the ‘Phish-Prone’ percentage of our employees.

We have introduced training videos via email and simulated phishing campaigns to all employees that have access to a desktop computer or laptop. The campaigns have been categorised into three different levels of difficulty, challenging the users and improving their spam detection skills.

So far we have found the training videos to be fantastic tools, that deliver easy to digest information about the different areas of IT security and the developing threats surrounding them.

“As someone who has in the past been scammed by both email and SMS spear phishing, I have learned a great deal from the training videos and have since spotted several spam emails that I would have certainly clicked on prior to the awareness training".

Stonbury Employee

Since the introduction of our security awareness campaigns, employee interaction with spam emails has dropped dramatically and a large percentage of our users are now in the 0-10% range. Much less than the 37% industry standard.

Our training provider has supplied us with an extensive library of security awareness content; including interactive modules, videos, games and posters, which has made it really easy for us to select the most relevant content for Stonbury. Alongside the online training, posters have also been distributed around all of our offices as a reminder to always 'think before you click'. 

So far the benefits of awareness training have been profound. Originally chosen as the most cost-effective method for network protection, the training has reduced employee downtime and IT staff man-hours, protecting Stonbury from the direct loss of productivity and revenue, given staff the confidence they need to use the internet safely, whilst understanding the possible risks and finally, it has reinforced our reputation with our clients, as we can guarantee their data is 100% safe, 100% of the time.