Building a Culture of Excellence

As part of Stonbury’s strategy to foster a culture of excellence, its Safety, Health, Environment and Wellbeing (SHEW) department becomes ‘SHWEQ’, expanding to include a designated role for Quality.

Andy Kennedy has been appointed as the new Head of Technical, Quality and Training, leading the Delivery teams to provide consistently high quality across all areas. Working to nationally recognised standards, Andy and his team coordinate in-house training and auditing to certify safe, thorough processes and applications compliance, as well as encouraging innovation to improve Stonbury’s delivery of environmentally sustainable solutions in line with ISO standards.

Paul Turpin, Head of the previous SHEW, now operates under the role title of Head of Safety, Health, Wellbeing, Environment and Quality (SHWEQ). Responsible for Stonbury’s ISO 9001 compliance, Paul ensures that the results generated by Stonbury’s employees meet or exceed client expectations every time.

“Since joining Stonbury in January 2021, I’ve put all my efforts into building a team of health, safety and environmental professionals who are approachable and helpful, yet demand exemplary standards and are well-respected throughout the business. Ably supported by Andy’s quality team, we are driving SHWEQ ownership throughout every level of the business and are reaping the dividends as evidenced by our decreasing lagging indicators, such as incident levels and quality issues, and increasing leading indicators, such as safety observations, site inspections and customer compliments. There is still work to be done, and we will not rest until we are supremely confident that we can get everyone home safe and well to their loved ones at the end of each working day, having exceeded our customers’ expectations, in a safe environment, whilst conducting our business in a sustainable manner.”

Paul Turpin, Head of SHEWQ

The three-year dedicated SHWEQ strategy details a list of firm pledges under five pillars: Leadership and Commitment; Risk Control; Communication and Engagement; Training and Competence; and Performance Management. The creation of defined written commitments allows Stonbury to create measurable targets in the form of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are practical, achievable, and facilitate accountability.

In addition to providing visible and accessible leadership, quality training and regular performance management, Stonbury is proud to be one of the first companies in the UK to issue a separate Psychosocial Wellbeing Policy. This framework that secures the health and wellbeing of its people as a top priority, allowing them to thrive in a supportive environment and achieve the highest quality outcomes.

Stonbury is dedicated to making SHWEQ an explicit part of its DNA and delivering that message through internal communications tailored to its audience to drive maximum engagement. By embedding the values of health, safety, wellbeing, and industry-leading practices in environmental sustainability and quality, Stonbury aims to deliver unrivalled excellence to clients through its people.