WWTW Automated System Installation

Working on behalf of an Alliance Partner, Stonbury were contracted to complete the installation of an automated system, to control pumping stations that fed into a wastewater treatment works. The scope also included alterations to the existing inlet works to improve flow control and isolation.

Initial works included cutting out tracks for the installation of new ducting and draw pits to service the new works, and reinstatement as the works progressed. The team encountered several areas on-site with uncharted services and buried structures, which clashed with the new duct routes. However, the routes were carefully and successfully excavated, to ensure we maintained a zero service strike rating.

During excavation works for the North and South pumping station, high levels of water ingress was identified, requiring the installation of a wellpoint dewatering system.

Once the working area was successfully dewatered, the base slab for both stations were then poured and the reinforced concrete structures were lifted into position to complete the construction of the new pumping stations.

The existing inlet channels and isolation manhole were modified to house the new large penstocks and ducting was installed throughout site. New electrical chambers and two upstands were also installed above ground level.

During the works, the site remained fully operational, which required daily liaison with the client to ensure access routes around the site and to the works remained unimpeded.

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