Stonbury provides specialist wastewater solutions across the UK, including new build programmes and innovative refurbishment and maintenance schemes that maximise asset lifespans and reduce carbon-heavy interventions.

New Build

Stonbury is contracted by UK water utility companies to design and construct reliable assets for all aspects of wastewater treatment from excavation and groundwork to general fabrication such as walkways and bridges, foundations, pipelines, and specialist structures including:

  • Storm tanks
  • Wet wells
  • Inlet and outlet channels and structures
  • Distribution chambers
  • Primary and secondary settlement tanks
  • Sludge tanks
  • Digesters
  • Tertiary treatment structures

Stonbury also carries out green engineering solutions for end-stage wastewater treatment, including the design, build and routine maintenance of reed beds which only require inlet and outlet pipework and remove the need for concrete tanks and hard standings.

Maintenance & refurbishment

Following thorough inspection and assessments using intrusive and non-intrusive techniques - such as impulse radar, dynamic impedance and targeted coring - Stonbury conducts regular maintenance of wastewater treatment assets to ensure they perform optimally and maintain resilience against chemical degradation.

Where defects are identified, Stonbury provides both small and large scale refurbishment schemes as an alternative to cost-heavy and carbon-intensive rebuilds, including but not limited to:

  • Repair of covers and overbanding
  • Leak prevention and concrete joint repair
  • Hatch replacements
  • Pipework repairs and re-coating
  • Above-ground pipework realignment
  • Reconstruction of tank walls
  • Repair of degraded surfaces including steel and concrete
  • Repair and replacement of corroded steel reinforcement

Structural repairs to concrete are carried out with the use of cementitious levelling compounds and high density, fast-setting repair mortars and fillers. Specialist waterproof coatings - designed to withstand acidic conditions within wastewater treatment plants – are then applied under stringent quality control measures.

Application and curing environments are carefully monitored throughout each scheme using moisture sensors and, where required, dehumidifiers, to ensure successful application that is always to the highest standard and provides additional resistance against future chemical attack.

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