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Trash Screen Fabrication & Installation

Stonbury was asked by North Somerset Council to design, fabricate and install a new trash screen at an underground river culvert in Clevedon, Somerset.

The new structure was required to reduce the amount of debris and waste entering the culvert, which was located along a public pathway. In addition, the screen was necessary to make the culvert safe and prevent unauthorised access.

Once the design was approved by the client, the screen was fabricated to a specification provided by the Environment Agency. The steelwork was then trial assembled to check for accuracy and sent away to be galvanised.  

Although the galvanising process alone would be sufficient to protect the structure and met all of the Environment Agency's requirements, a two-pack epoxy paint system was applied to reduce the visual impact of a freshly galvanised frame within the urban environment.

Installation of the trash screen took place during the school term to minimise footfall, as the screen was lifted into place with a HIAB and required a lane closure on the high street.

To complete the scheme, the trash screen was securely fitted into place and handed back to the client following an inspection.

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