Sludge Tank Refurbishment

As part of a significant multi-site wastewater treatment works framework, Stonbury was pleased to deliver the refurbishment of a brick sludge tank, returning the vital asset back to service.

The sludge tank is part of a small rural operational wastewater treatment works and had been leaking for some time, causing saturated ground and run-off onto adjacent land. Site investigations revealed extensive damage to the brick wall, extensive leaks, settlement and some previous repair attempts.

The sludge tank was isolated, drained and cleaned using a high-pressure water jet to remove loose material and prepare the substrate. To maintain the operational functionality of the works, a tanker was also used every week to de-sludge the primary tanks.

The team replaced all damaged brickwork and substantially rebuilt the walls on the south and west side of the tank. In addition, at the request of the client’s operations team, the old decanting chamber in the southeast corner of the tank was removed and rebuilt in the opposite corner.

All previous brickwork joints were then ground out and repointed. A waterproof render was applied to create an internal seal, followed by the application of a flexible membrane resistant to sulphuric acid chemical attack.

Finally, the team replaced a dilapidated timber post and rail edge protection at the south end of the sludge tank. After curing, the tank was inspected and returned to service immediately. The project received exceptional feedback from the client’s operations team.

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