You Said, We Listened!

Stonbury is proud to utilise the voice of its entire workforce to drive continual improvements in processes and business culture.

At Stonbury, listening to employee voice is at the heart of the business. Surveys, company-wide meetings, and leadership site visits are conducted regularly and used to engage ideas and innovations from Stonbury's people that positively impact the future of the business.

Following quarterly engagement surveys, Stonbury's People and Culture team provide Department Heads with communication packs for use during prearranged Stand Still Results meetings with their teams. During these meetings, Department Heads cascade the information retrieved through these surveys through their teams, and comments and suggestions are captured and fed back to management. This system allows Stonbury to implement changes in a structured and systematic way.

In addition to regular surveys, Stonbury also conducts leadership visits as part of its Safety, Health, Wellbeing, Environment and Quality (SHWEQ) team's commitment to having a visible and pro-active leadership team. During these visits, senior managers and leaders from all departments hold discussions about ongoing projects born from surveys and raise awareness of some of our wellbeing initiatives.

One of the highly successful projects born from these meetings is the creation of a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Taskforce, where new items are discussed, agreed upon, and trialled to help Stonbury continually improve the safety equipment and clothing used.

Other projects include the development of mentoring programmes to ensure employees at all levels of the business understand one another's perspectives and daily challenges; implementation of hybrid working arrangements following an era of home working during the pandemic; and the creation of an annual wellbeing calendar, which includes monthly step challenges and charitable donations to good causes such as the Trussell Trust.

Listening to employee voices has already yielded measurable improvements in safety, after surveys revealed that staff didn't feel confident to raise concerns about activities that they felt were unsafe. The survey results were used to drive new processes, resulting in a 31% increase in employees feeling empowered to stop any hazardous work activity and a 68% reduction in minor injuries.

Stonbury publishes all updates through a 'You Said…We Listened' channel on its Workplace internal communication platform and via email to ensure that all employees are informed about the changes from their feedback and ideas.