Congratulations to Managing Director, Ian Mellor on winning the Vistage 'Impact Award', for the Midlands region.

As a member of Vistage International, a global peer advisory group, Ian Mellor attended the 2019 'Vistage Midlands Summit Day' and was delighted to receive the 'Impact Award' during the 'Member Excellence Awards' ceremony.

"It was a real honour to be nominated, let alone to win the award – that came as quite a surprise, given the number of amazing people I have come across at Vistage! I have to give a large part of the credit to the amazing team at Stonbury, after all, they are the ones who did the real work in transforming our business".

Ian Mellor, Managing Director

Ian is a great supporter of Vistage International, who work with the leaders of over 500 businesses throughout the Midlands region and are represented by over 2300 business leaders worldwide. 

The 'Vistage Midlands Summit Day' also included keynote speeches from Alistair Campbell, Downing Street Director of Communications under Tony Blair and James Kerr, author of 'Legacy', the international bestseller.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Vistage Summit Day, and feel privileged to be part of a network made up of so many inspirational leaders".

Ian Mellor, Managing Director