Succeeding in Virtual Recruitment

Following an organisational restructure during the Covid-19 lockdown, our People & Culture team have formulated a three-stage recruitment plan in line with our existing ‘Pick n Mix’ selection process.

Of late, much of the commentary related to Talent has been focused on the ‘if, but and when’ of virtual recruitment and induction, during the Covid-19 lockdown. However, entering lockdown during an organisational restructure, we didn’t have the luxury of ‘if, or but’, only ‘how and when’.

Continuing to operate at close to full capacity, delivering essential infrastructure projects for our clients, we quickly formulated a three-stage recruitment plan in line with our existing ‘Pick n Mix’ selection process.

Led by the Core Value of ‘Innovation’, our first virtual recruitment journey was underway. By the time an offer of employment was extended, we really knew our star candidate’s technical competence and had a strong sense of his personal qualities.  

We welcomed a Compliance Administrator to our team in early June, following our usual induction and probation programme. In less than a month and working remotely, the candidate has settled into the role seamlessly and very quickly has become a valued member of the Stonbury team delivering on some key targets.

Based on the positive candidate and hiring manager experience, we are now eagerly braced for our internal applicants, who have applied for a Regional Framework Delivery Manager role. Each candidate is required to present a business plan via MS Teams.

“Our ability to meet business needs during this time of rapid change has meant that, while we have transformed the way in which we work, we have also continued business as usual. We have remained focused on strategy output, while at the same time remaining agile to meet the demands of this turbulent time. Watch this space, because our trailblazing won’t end here!”.

Adrian Young, Head of People Services