Stonbury confirm 4-year Framework with Southern Water as part of their Catchment First programme

Stonbury are thrilled to announce they have secured Southern Water’s first, 4-year Catchment Management, Strategy & Delivery framework, as part of their Catchment First programme.

The framework is due to commence in April 2020, with an aim to help Southern Water fulfil their WINEP ambitions, which form part of OFWAT’s determination.

Stonbury will be working on Lot 3, which covers in-stream catchment delivery, including river and wetland enhancement and restoration schemes, works they are currently completing across the Midlands region for The Environment Agency.

Uniquely placed to successfully deliver the framework, Stonbury have offices located in the South East and expertise accrued with the amalgamation of Kingcombe Stonbury over two and a half years ago.

"We are delighted to have successfully secured this important strategic framework, which allows us to support our client in their plans to make a difference to the environment".

Jon Featherstone, Stonbury Delivery Director

Stonbury Framework Delivery Manager, Justin Denham-Cookes and Business Development Director, Chris Keech recently attended a supplier event held by Southern Water at the AMEX stadium in Brighton. The day offered the chance to welcome the framework partners and to promote a collaborative approach across each of the lots included in the framework.

This was a fantastic opportunity for Stonbury to meet associated contractors and develop a collaborative relationship with Southern Water’s catchment team, consultants and other framework partners.