Stonbury brings water industry expertise to Scotland

Following the steady growth of the business in Scotland over the past year, and the successful delivery of several engineering projects through SR15, Stonbury believe they have a vital part to play in ensuring Scottish Water is ‘trusted to care for the water on which Scotland depends’.

Backed by 35 years of experience, Stonbury have established a unique identity that has seen them become the leading specialist contractor for potable water storage and wastewater structures. Offering an array of technical experience in both the water industry and water environment sectors, including refurbishment, maintenance and new build, Stonbury work to protect and enhance vital water quality requirements for millions of people across the UK.

Their technical capability and knowledge of water sector best practice, combined with a direct delivery set-up, allows them to offer fast, efficient and lower overhead cost solutions to clients, meeting the required standards and specifications, whilst ensuring compliance with SEPA/DWQR.

Presence and capability in Scotland

By increasing their critical capacity and resource in both specialist civils and ‘green engineering’, Stonbury now has the capability to service the whole of the Scotland area for multi-million-pound projects.

The multi-disciplinary specialist civils team in Scotland have truly shaped themselves to deliver a consistently leading customer experience, focusing on service reliability, resilience and sustainability. The team have seen significant expansion fuelled by their successful relationships with their Alliance Partners ESD, following the successful delivery of various growth and capital maintenance packages over the past year and a half, Stonbury are thrilled to continue working alongside them. The partnership has gone from strength to strength, with several schemes already planned in for next year.

Led by Iain Weir – who has operated across the Scottish water sector for over 20 years, with an enviable innovation track-record – the team retains Scottish heritage and local talent, combining skilled project managers with engineers and operatives steeped in water sector experience. Working across Scotland, with support from the strategically situated base in the central location of Stirling and the additional support teams throughout Stonbury, they are poised to embrace the challenges over SR21.

Stonbury’s track-record of innovation, client satisfaction, and consistent delivery of high-quality solutions throughout its 15 UK Water Industry Framework agreements, positions them to deliver practical, efficient, low-carbon solutions, that maximise existing asset capacity, whilst tackling the acute challenges the Scottish water industry faces; including enhanced customer expectation, population growth, water stress, and climate change.

Stonbury seeks to achieve these solutions in harmony with Scottish Water’s customers, though engagement made possible by their in-house software, InTouch. The online portal is dedicated to communicating to both customers and the local communities about improvement works in their area. Scottish Water customers can also access real-time updates to follow works that may cause disruptions, allowing them to ask questions. In addition, the software has been further developed to allow members of the public to be able to report leaks.

Stonbury also have a version for their water company clients, inProgress, which is known as Client Portal. inProgress allows clients to view live working updates; reducing the requirement to travel to site, thus reducing costs and environmental impact. Clients can also view and store project information such as audits, testing records, quotations, safety information and other documentation.

In addition to their cutting-edge project management and customer engagement technologies, Stonbury’s leading digitally facilitated internal management system, Stonbury World, is soon to replace their current electronic files system eSite, for more efficient, up-to-date project management. This will include functions for the organisation of all business aspects across the company including human resources, clients, projects, sites, assets and equipment.

Making safety a priority

Stonbury understand that with a contracting model based on direct delivery capability, they are only as good as the competence and behaviour of their own people. They believe it is key to uphold safety knowledge, training and equipment when working across a complex asset base. Setting a vibrant, knowledgeable organisation-wide safety culture right from the top. ‘Making Safety Our Priority’ is the Stonbury way, and they are committed to uncompromising safety standards in all that they do.

Working alongside their supply chain, Stonbury have developed excellent relationships with environmentally-leading suppliers of specialist products, such as BASF, Sika UK, Flexcrete, Natural Cement and Acothane, to ensure that Regulation 33 approved products are fully understood and used to their greatest potential in the safe delivery of water projects.

The future

With a hunger to satisfy a refreshed sector perspective that rates experience, values efficiency, and grows innovation, Stonbury’s journey to date and future ambitions align uncompromisingly with Scottish Water.

“We are extremely excited at the prospect of working with Scottish Water, to provide a local, skilled and flourishing workforce that delivers only the highest of standards of water services to their customers, with a drive towards innovative and net-zero carbon solutions to avoid asset re-building whenever possible”.

Iain Weir, Managing Director, Scotland area