Stonbury appoints a new business consultant

Stonbury are pleased to announce the appointment of Simon Gibby as Strategic Development Lead.

Stonbury have been delivering safe, high quality, reliable asset creation, maintenance and refurbishment activities, across potable water and wastewater asset estates for over 30 years and have now expanded their service offering to build on this foundation.

Simon joins the team to work with Stonbury ensuring they align their offering with the needs of their clients as we enter AMP7 in 2020, helping to identify all the key objectives and aspirations.

“The sector is changing fast in the light of the carbon challenge and I was attracted by Stonbury’s abilities to really think differently for their Clients, bringing both 'non-build' and green engineering solutions in addition to their industry-leading potable water capabilities. Clients need supply chain partners who don’t just want to build things in the future and Stonbury clearly fit the bill".

Simon Gibby

Previously the Head of Asset Solutions at Yorkshire Water, Simon can offer Stonbury a unique insight into what their clients really want from a Framework Contractor and ensure they effectively articulate their solutions to extend the life of civil structures and potable and wastewater assets, as well as offering alternatives to ‘end-of-pipe’ solutions with novel, environmental engineering, developed for both in-river and upstream catchment management. 

Simon’s role will be very much about supporting the Stonbury team, assisting with the pre-qualification and tendering processes, whilst pushing us to further develop as an organisation so that alignment to the needs of the client becomes an integral part of our DNA.

“We are extremely excited to have Simon join our team, and at such a pivotal time for us, as we head towards AMP 7, with a great deal more to offer our clients. Simon will be a key asset working across all areas of the business to best align our services, delivery and marketing material, with a goal to moving us closer to our vision of becoming the top contractor brand in the water industry”.

Ian Mellor, Managing Director