New Appointment: Michael Campling - Technical and Innovation

We are pleased to announce that from July 1st, Michael Campling will commence in his new role as Technical and Innovation Manager for Stonbury,

Michael is our longest serving employee and has recently celebrated over 25 years' service with Stonbury. His experience both in the industry and with the company make him the best and most experienced person for this role.  

The main duty of the role will be in the assurance that all materials applied in reservoirs by our teams, are fully compliant with the procedures required under the DWI Regulation 31, for use in contact with potable water.

There will be an emphasis on ensuring that all the requirements and manufacturers conditions for application, as stated in the various IFU's, are strictly met at all times. This includes quality control in ensuring the correct volume of material is used and applied within the tolerances of temperature and relative humidity etc. Records during cure periods will also be observed, with the intention to pass this information back to our clients, before the structure is handed back for return to service.