Meet the Leader: Q&A with Trevor Hoyle

Stonbury’s CEO Trevor Hoyle attended the panel at the ‘Meet the Leaders’ event during the 2021 Institute of Water Annual Conference.

The event was an unmissable opportunity for professionals to ask leaders across the industry for their opinions on the topics that matter to them. Trevor shares his thoughts on some of the questions.

Q: How is Stonbury responding to the sustainability challenge?

A: Fundamentally, this is front-and-centre of our business. We support our clients in helping to provide Wholesome Water; deal effectively with Wastewater; create a Healthy Environment and produce Sustainable Energy. We know that there is still more to do on promoting low-carbon solutions, the use of low-carbon materials and undertaking our activities in the most sustainable way. We are fully committed to this and already well on our way.

Q: How do you ensure that your employees follow your vision?

A: Firstly, by making it “our” vision! A vision will most successfully be achieved if a variety of people are involved in its production and employees are consulted and informed as appropriate during its production and implementation. Emphasis should be put on getting to the point where everyone wants to achieve the vision rather than being told to. This needs to be done at the correct pace for it to embed; it shouldn’t be rushed. By recognising that everyone has their role to play in contributing to its success and fully respecting that, it is possible to achieve great things as a collective.

Q: What makes Stonbury a great company to work for?

A: Stonbury has a unique culture made up of passionate, helpful people who exhibit genuine openness and want the business to succeed and grow. Everyone is committed to delivering outstanding service to our clients in order to achieve this. Add to that the fact that everything we do is contributing to a more sustainable world, then Stonbury really is a great place to work.

Q: How have you recovered from any knocks throughout your career?

A: Fortunately, I have a positive attitude to life and a philosophical outlook on its myriad events. It’s made up a variety of experiences, some of which are not what you would have wanted to happen. In those circumstances, it’s important to recognise them for what they are: part of life’s rich tapestry! By putting such events into perspective, staying positive and using the low points as learning opportunities, you will be able to look towards a bright future and take it on with confidence.

The event, held at the end of September, preceded a two-day conference with a trade fair and talks on the 2021 theme Collaboration.