Leaders in UK Water Quality

Following rapid growth over the past three years, Stonbury have poised themselves to become UK leaders in ensuring the very best in water quality standards. From the creation of a designated quality team to improvements in information sharing, quality documentation and essential training, Stonbury are demonstrating unrivalled commitment to driving water best practice.

Ensuring consistency in quality

The introduction of the Technical and Quality team has allowed Stonbury to safeguard the standard of workmanship across the company, assuring both consistent and adequate delivery in the build and refurbishment of water assets.

The team is responsible for ensuring materials are applied to the correct specifications and standards; visiting all sites to investigate and assist with technical queries and providing additional training where required. They are also responsible for overseeing and updating the company’s information source; Stonbury Encyclopaedia and certifying that all operatives are well-versed in delivering the required standards.

Managed directly by Stonbury’s Contracts Director, the team is separate to the delivery teams, which establishes a non-bias approach to quality management.

Sharing knowledge

Stonbury have made significant improvements to the way information is shared across the company to ensure consistency with compliance across all projects. The introduction of the Encyclopaedia document -- a bite-size visual guide including diagrams and photographs, aligned with specific material data sheets and instruction for use documents if the material is to be applied under Regulation 31 – enables all staff across the company to deliver consistent application of materials and therefore consistently excellent results companywide.

Fitting with Stonbury’s reputation in development of computerised technologies, this document has superb scope to be launched digitally, with the use of interactive video snippets that inform the viewer of expectations and provide how-to guidance.

Investment in safety and quality

Stonbury have worked closely with materials manufacturers such as BASF to achieve practical parameters for storage and applications and through strong supply chain relationships, Stonbury have been able to actively influence manufacturers Information for use (IFU) documents.

In addition, Stonbury have invested heavily in the highest quality testing equipment to ensure they achieve the best results and accuracy, forming a close working relationship with Elcometer who not only supply the test equipment but also carry out in house training to ensure all attending Stonbury personnel are fully competent in the use and understanding of the equipment.

Keeping records

Stonbury pride themselves in working diligently to provide the highest quality potable water through their commissions. Working closely with clients, Stonbury have recently developed a comprehensive Quality Inspection and Testing Plan (QTIPS) which addresses all of the requirements for quality inspection and testing set out in the manufacturers Technical Data Sheets and in the IFU documents. This has allowed Stonbury to ensure standards and specifications are strictly adhered to and fully evidenced for their own records and those of their clients.

QTIPS quality documentation covers all the criteria required for all projects as per the Company Management System (CMS), along with full curing data to ensure full compliance with the IFU documents and thus compliance with Regulation 31. It includes various checklists that must be completed at various stages of the plan; such as materials data, ambient environmental conditions, methods of application and chemical usage checks. All documentation requires sign-off from Stonbury and the client before and after each stage which significantly reduces the chances of a non – conformance.

Guaranteeing the best from our people

Stonbury are committed to upholding best practice within every level of the company. In addition to in-house video toolbox talks and external manufacturer training, including but not limited to Sika, BASF, Natural Cement, Xypex, Triflex application and the use of Elcometer test equipment, Stonbury have developed competency assessments for their operatives on site.

These assessments cover a wide range of topics including general quality and Regulation 31 materials and processes. They also sit in-line with health and safety competency to ensure that both safety and quality are of the upmost importance in Stonbury. An e-learning platform has been developed to deliver the training with tests completed at the end and tracked results.

Minimising Impact

Stonbury are committed to providing superior service at all stages of their project management, upholding the highest quality standards throughout and delivering projects in a manner that is timely, minimises disruption and ensures client satisfaction.

As a part of their drive to deliver and retain their top spot as national leaders in water quality, Stonbury also apply measures to ensure superior efficiency, including regular team briefings and additional labour and resources for priority programmes. Health and safety officers are also assigned to audit and monitor sites to ensure these measures never compromise water quality, health and safety, or the environment.