Equipped to support the needs of the water sector in AMP 7

Stonbury continues to evolve, offering unrivalled reliability, sustainability and value in their bid to become the top contractor in the water sector.

Stonbury has confidently adapted to change and continues to deliver innovative industry-leading solutions for the water sector. Offering expanded services that incorporate a caring culture and environment-conscious strategies, Stonbury is a market-leader for sustainable and cost-effective water asset management.


In line with the sector’s requirement to be carbon neutral by 2030, Stonbury has recently achieved the Achilles-administered Carbon Emission Measurement and Reduction (CEMARS) certification, a significant milestone in Stonbury’s journey to net-zero carbon.

Proud to be driving an innovative approach to reducing CO2 emissions along the entire carbon curve, Stonbury offers asset life extension services, green engineering capabilities and clever asset creation strategies which provide the most carbon-efficient and cost-effective new builds.

Building on the success of the Stonbury annual Water Asset and Quality conferences, Stonbury is currently developing plans for an inaugural Sustainability Conference for the Water Sector, intending to promote sustainability, best practice and collaborative carbon thinking among clients, consultants, and the supply chain.


Following a successful AMP 6 period which saw the acquisition of Kingcombe Aquacare and the launch of Stonbury in Scotland, Stonbury is keen to emphasise their capabilities in wastewater services and green engineering projects, in addition to their excellent track-record in potable water.

Since the company’s nationwide expansion, Stonbury has been delivering a number of wastewater contracts, particularly across Scotland as well as catchment works across the South of England.

In addition, Stonbury recently secured a five-year framework with Yorkshire water which covers specialist works on water-retaining structures, including refurbishment and repair works to wastewater assets, both above and below ground.

As Environment Agency-approved framework contractors, Stonbury is excited to offer green solutions that reduce both environmental impact and cost, whilst actively improving river habitats. This broad-ranging expertise positions the company as a comprehensive solution for all aspects of water asset management from catchment to tap.


The introduction of Stonbury’s new Purpose, Vision and Values (PVV) has played a significant role in a company-wide restructure to enhance the organisations caring culture and better support the needs of the water sector and their employees. By surrounding their purpose with clear decision-guiding values, Stonbury’s people remain fully united and motivated to drive quality and value for clients.

In an effort to become a top employer brand, Stonbury has aligned itself to the Purpose, Vision and Values by expanding the remit of their People and Culture team, replacing their Health and Safety policy with Safety, Health, Environment and Wellbeing to add focus towards integrity, respect and welfare.

In addition to these values, Stonbury continues to drive innovation with the use of technologies that improve processes for both clients and staff. Along with their in-house communication platform Client Portal, virtual site-visit software and paperless site files, Stonbury has recently utilised Augmented Reality to improve training, communications and education.

Implementation of these values and tools has proved invaluable during the challenges of the past six months, with the company effectively modifying safe working practices and introducing virtual recruitment for new starters. Increasing online working for off-site staff members is expected to play a key role in helping to reduce carbon emissions and increase company-wide sustainability.