Stonbury was contracted to carry out repair works at a ‘Water Recycle Centre’ (WRC) to extend the life of the existing filter channels and outlet chamber.

The scope included the reconstruction of the outlet chamber and repairs to the filter channels and filter base. Due to flood events caused by high water levels, the team were also required to raise the height of the outlet channel walls.

Grit blasting was used along the joint at the base of each tank. The joint was then broken out and infilled with an environmentally friendly, water-based sealer. Repointing was also carried using the sealant to plug leaks that were identified around the filter wall. This process was repeated along the filter channels to each area where a joint or crack was found.

The brickwork running along the top of the channel wall was cleaned and keyed to ensure a strong bond between the old brickwork and new mortar. The additional brick raised the channel wall by 150mm to prevent overflow during wet weather conditions.

An epoxy resin adhesive and waterproofing bandage was installed along all of the channel joints, around the base joint of each filter and to cracks identified within the brickwork.

To complete the works shuttering was installed around the existing outlet pipe, followed by a concrete pour to form the new outlet chamber.

Following an inspection, the site was handed back to the client and returned to service.

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