Vegetation management

Stonbury carries out routine and preventative maintenance to a variety of water bodies and environmental assets across the UK, with each scheme programmed to minimise environmental impact.

This includes vegetation cutting on banks and in open channels using hand-guided and mechanical equipment to maintain the conveyance of the channels and minimise the risk of flooding.

We also arrange for contract mowing teams to cut along flood embankments to ensure the grass stays in good condition and that the asset is free from defects such as burrowing pests and erosion. Cutting regimes also take into account bird nesting and other sensitive habitats suitable for animals such as water voles and Great Crested Newts.

Additional works include:
- Strip cutting along public footpaths and steps using push, ride-on mowers and strimmers
- Hand pulling weeds and invasive species
- Cut and collection on spillway embankments and tracks
- Tree and brash removal
- Wrack clearance

Vegetation cutting is often part of a routine maintenance programme, designed by in-house Maintenance Managers. Each programme is devised, following the completion of a site survey and inspection to maximise efficiency and deliver the best results.

The inspection process is generally carried out 3 to 4 times per year on an ad-hoc basis, focusing on the general condition, security and safe access on site. Ensuring any channels, culverts and trash screens are free of obstructions is also a vital element to reduce the risks of flooding or impediment to the flow.

Vegetation management is also required in more urban watercourses where conveyance is more of an issue as vegetation can cause substantial debris to collect in the channels and culverts.

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