Steel Bridge Fabrication & Installation

Stonbury was commissioned by the Environment Agency to design, fabricate and install a new steel footbridge over the river at Iwood Gauging Station.

The existing bridge - made up of sheet piles that were filled with concrete and supported by beams and stringers - was in deplorable condition and posed a severe slip and trip hazard. The client wished to replace the crossing with a robust structure that met current design codes and was safe to use, particularly during slippery conditions.

Working with a structural engineer, a new bridge was designed to sit higher than the existing bridge with heavier main beams that would withstand the impact of large floating debris during a flood event.

Once the client approved the design, the bridge was fabricated inhouse and galvanised to the required standard set by the Environment Agency. The decision was made to paint the bridge with a specialist two-pack epoxy paint to soften the stark appearance of a newly galvanised structure within a rural environment.

The assembled bridge was transported to site and installed with the use of specialist lifting equipment. Prior to installation, the abutments had been modified to accept the heavier bridge and to enable the beams to sit higher above the river. For additional safety, a robust kickboard was incorporated along with GRP Chemglass high grip open mesh flooring.

Following an inspection, the site was successfully handed back to the client.

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