Spillways Programmes

Stonbury is currently engaged in a two large spillway inspection and refurbishment programmes in the north of England.

The programmes cover two large areas of the northern UK, providing both maintenance and refurbishment on a variety of spillway structures. Teams are currently working through a programme of approximately fifteen live projects for this year alone.

The spillway structures vary widely in terms of design and construction and are constructed from concrete, brick, and stone. Stonbury’s work ensures the continued long-term safety of the structures and their associated reservoirs. The teams clear each spillway of silt, debris and overgrowth and thoroughly clean them using high pressure water jetting, putting measures in place to protect the lower discharge waterways from contamination.

After conducting an inspection and assessment on each spillway, a variety of repairs are made, depending on the type of structure. These can include repointing, joint remediation, concrete repairs, new concrete slabs, drainage improvements and rebedding of loose and disturbed stone setts.

Safety and environment are priorities throughout all the programmes. For spillways with challenging access, provisions can include installation of access roads or specialist vehicles for getting to and from the sites; along with temporary safe access for completing the works such as scaffolding and rope access systems.

To prevent contamination to watercourses, straw bales are installed to manage silt washout and to catch debris, ensuring the discharge points remain clean and free of blockages. Cleared vegetation is scattered nearby to both decompose naturally and provide, where possible, new habitats and increase biodiversity.

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